Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yesterday I joined my friend Amber Atherton at her myflashtrash pop up store at Shoreditch house.

FLASH TRASH was set up by Amber Atherton in October 2008 in an attempt to give unique jewellery designers a platform to display their creativity and sell their pieces online to savvy, fashion forward consumersFlash Trash jewellery is hand made by real designers in their studios, offering you more than the generic, mass produced accessories on the high streetAfter all just because you want to be fashionable, doesn’t mean you need to follow the herd.

Flash Trash currently features jewellery from over 30 designers from around the world including Patricia Nicolas, YUEN, Lucie Ellen, Cheung Lik, Naomi Sheppard, ElsieBelle, SilverService, Astali, RJJ Jewels, Vera Meat, Hafsteinn Juliusson, Defiles From Paris, Alexander Davis, Jasmine Chan, Bexi, LUALUA, Glint Jewellery, Ines Suaseta, Silver Service, Stephanie Thonet, TACH, Serretta, Chloe Hope, Twinkle, Bexi, LunarraStar, ROKCHIX, RubyRouge, N@talia, Vivi+Vivi, Eclectic Eccentricity, Sandrine Tessier, Halycon Days, Anna Bee, Défilés from Paris, Pebble London and Pistachio. We are constantly on the look out for new talent, if you would like your jewellery to be featured on Flash Trash send us an email telling us a bit about yourself with images of your designs and we will review your collection.


Rosie Forstescue and I

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