Sunday, October 17, 2010

hii uncle terry .

Have been doing a bit of research for my photography project and found a photographer whose work bares an uncanny resemblance to Richarson's.

Tyler Shields was originally a filmmaker based in LA. Discovered photography when he struggled with explaining to actors and actresses how to portray their emotions and feelings. Like Richardson, Shields uses a lot of white backgrounds in order to emphasize on the object that is being shot. Some of his work are also pretty sexualized, almost victimizing women, if I may say.

Here are some of Tyler Shields' work

Lindsay Lohan was shot (pun intended) for Shields upcoming book
"The Dirty Side of Glamour"

Shields' "Kills Series"

This series really caught my attention. Was Shields' reflecting issues that we are all subconsciously aware of in his work? Issues such as alcoholism, drug abuse, global warming, technology.

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