Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Went to the Tate Mod to see Gauguin's exhibition.

Before I begin this post, I must admit Gauguin's work is not really my cup of tea. But this exhibition was fantastically stunning. His bold experimentation with colours was spectacular. Also brilliant use of medium and compositions too.

Also saw Ai WeiWei's "The Unilever Series"

This was actually a surprisingly interesting exhibition.

Made up of millions of sunflower seeds, each apparently identical but actually unique, the process of this took five to six years. Every single one of the sunflower seed is, in fact, intricately handcrafted by many workers in China. I didn't understand it at first. But having watched the documentary I understood that they were not just sunflower seeds. What laid in front of me was the sweat, effort and hard work of hundreds of people over the course of five to six years.

In the documentary, Ai WeiWei explained that during the period of Mao, he was constantly surrounded by sunflowers, symbolizing that he was the sun. To the chinese culture, sunflower seeds meant, well, more than just sunflower seeds.

Click here to read more about the exhibition


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